Writing I’ve put off for the last 2 years

In an ironic twist of life and other things, I am writing a blog post apologizing for all the ideas I’ve left unpublished or unedited on a blog that was started to prevent this very procrastination. There is a total of three original posts on this blog (including the introductory posts with its bold claims that now seem unrealistically time-consuming), but hopefully, this list of three more future blog posts I have drafted or planned will help keep me accountable to actually get them online.

  • 24 hours at my first hackathon: my experiences at Beverly Hacks, and how hackathons sent my junior year into a crazy spiral of almost failing school and finding what I loved
  • Lessons learned from Horizons, and how computer science education is finally changing: A follow-up post from “Lessons learned from PIxEL,” with a few remarks about how both the state of and my opinion on computer science education have changed
  • Obituaries for all my dead ideas: A little more of a personal reflection about ideas and execution, and the massive gap of work that stands between the two.

24 hours has been edited by a friend (thanks, Case!), but hasn’t been revisited for a while. That being said, I hope to get a final draft out by next week. Keep me to this!

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